Architectural Stone Company

Stone Crafters and Installers

Architectural Stone offers varies services in the design, procurement, and
supply of products for all residential and commercial architectural projects:
Stone Crafters & Installers is a division of Architectural Stone Company, provides the following additional services:
Product, design, environmental, and construction code consulting
Stone procurement
Stone design
Shop drawings
Cutting tickets
Anchor design
Structural and mechanical engineering
Stone fabrication
Stone finishing
Custom flooring sizing and designing
Sale and design of landscape and hardscape materials
Quarry sales
Writing construction documents and specifications
Stone installation and consulting
Custom onsite stone carving and hand-carved stone installation
Anchor fabrication
Preparation and application of custom stone grout colors
Design and construction of masonry structures
Design and installation of stone water features
Installation of flagstone and flatwork
Historical restoration
Hardscape installation
Power washing
Stone, Brick, Concrete cleaning & treatment
Stone, Brick, Concrete sealing & waterproofing
Graffiti control

Before Restoration

After Restoration

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